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Our dedication to the latest research and sustainable cleaning technologies provides you with cutting-edge performance, improved safety, and minimal environmental impact in comparison to alternative cleaning products and methods. Let us help you with your shopping experience by following the icons based on your screen printing needs.

Low VOC products contain under 100 grams/liter VOC. All of these products are compliant in all of the Air Quality Management Districts of the West Coast.
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To be used at the press for color changes, saved screens, squeegees and other items. Will dry quickly and not break down emulsion.
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Dissolves and cleans ink, allowing screens to be rinsed clean with water. To be used in the washout booth to remove ink before removing emulsion.
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Designed to quickly and aggressively dissolve all stencils, direct emulsions, capillary and high density films with ease.
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Designed to prepare mesh for emulsion coating and film application. Eliminates many of the common problems experienced in screen making.
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Solutions to dissolve ink stains, residues and ghost images from all types of screen printing mesh.
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Designed to be concentrated, low odor, fast acting and quick drying for solvent based, UV and electronic inks.
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Designed to be used on plastisol, PVC free, phthalate free, discharge and water based ink systems.
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Dip Tank Technology


Tens of thousands of printing companies -- from the smallest to the largest in the world have adopted the innovative Easiway Systems dip tank technology; reclaiming millions of screens for pennies, reducing chemical consumption by up to 70%, decreasing labor needs by up to 50%.

The Easiway Dip Tank System is designed to save you time and money without the mess of traditional reclaiming methods, without hazards and without toxicity. This system will make your screen fabric look like new for only pennies per screen.

Easiway dip tank chemicals are drain safe and can be used to clean hundreds of screens without being replenished. The Easiway Dip Tank System has no shelf life, maximizing longevity and flexibility in your reclaiming process. Learn more here.




"Since our transition to Easiway Easistrip Supra One Step Ink Cleaner & Emulsion Remover we have experienced a huge difference, the solution lasts longer in our dip tank and works much better than other solutions we have tried. We couldn't be more pleased! We also have started using the 701 Screen Wash & Stain Remover as a screen cleaner and degreaser to minimize chemistry. Our screens have never looked better and it has reduced our cost on chemicals and screen replacement. I highly recommend Easiway products. "

Marc Sitler

Native Sons Screen Printing
"We use the 701 and Supra in the shop. Not only is it the most efficient process, it is hands down the best at getting screens reclaimed."

Boneskot Design Co.

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