EasiSolv™ 55 Stencil Remover Concentrate

EasiSolv™ 55 Stencil Remover Concentrate

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EasiSolv™ 55 Stencil Remover Concentrate is a revolutionary,  highly concentrated, extremely cost-effective, liquid solution designed to aggressively dissolve direct, direct/indirect emulsions,  as well as capillary films, dual-cure systems, pure photopolymer, and direct projection emulsion systems. EasiSolv 55 Stencil Remover  Concentrate will dissolve stencils and provide easy washout with water from all types of screen mesh. This product has no VOCs.

 Ink Types:

Plastisol, Silicone, Waterbased, UV/Solvent, Conductive, Industrial


Manual, Machine


  • Concentrate
  • Contains degreasers

 Mix Ratio Recommendations:

1:55 (1 part chemical to 55 parts water)


Emulsion Remover Application
  1. Mix EasiSolv 55 at a ratio of 1:30 up to 1:55 with water in a plastic container.
  2. Apply EasiSolv 55 by brush, wipe, scrub pad, or spray to both sides of emulsion/film, after the ink has been removed.
  3. High pressure rinse both sides of the screen.
  4. Flood rinse the entire screen with a low-pressure rinse from the top to remove any debris, splashback, and chemical residue. 
If stubborn stains remain, apply an Easiway Systems approved stain remover and high-pressure rinse.
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