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ISS Long Beach, CA – January 16-18, 2015

DAX Kansas City, KS – February 27-28, 2015

Printwear & Promotion Live, Birmingham, UK – February 22-24, 2015

Printwear Orlando, FL – February 25-27, 2015

ISS Atlantic City, NJ – March 13-15, 2015

DAX Minnesota – March 27-28, 2015

DAX Chicagoland, IL – April 24-25, 2015

ISS Nashville, TN – May 7-9, 2015

Printwear Arlington, TX – May 14-16, 2015

ISS Indianapolis, IN – June 4-6, 2015

ISS Orlando, FL – September 10-12, 2015

ISS Fort Worth, TX – October 15-17, 2015

SGIA Atlanta, GA – November 4-6, 2015

SGIA Las Vegas, NV – September 13-16, 2016

SGIA New Orleans, LA – October 10-12, 2017

Texsource 2014 Open House Dates

The dates for the annual Texsource Open House & Trade Show will be Thursday and Friday, May 15 and 16.
This annual Open House has grown to be one of the premiere events in the Screen Printing, Embroidery, and Sign Making industries, and is free to attend.  More announcements about classes and events will be coming, but you can sign up to attend by Clicking Here.
The annual Texsource Open House and Industry Trade Show is one of the biggest events of the year, and this year promises to be the biggest and best ever.  Admission to the Open House is free, but you must register in order for an accurate food count (hey, free food!).
Industry representatives from over 30 companies representing the Screen Printing, Embroidery, and Sign Making industries will be on hand with their latest products and will be giving hands-on demonstrations both days.

New Networking Opportunities at Printwear Arlington!

DALLAS—GSG hosts a VIP Networking Event open to all Arlington NBM Show attendees. The event will be held Thursday, March 6 after the NBM Show from 5:00–7:00 p.m. in Salon B of the Arlington Convention Center. Refreshments, tunes and party hats will be provided. Visit for more details

The NBM Show Event Pass!

Your event pass is your ticket to everything happening in the exhibit hall, Training by Exhibitors, and all networking events. The Event Pass includes entrance to the exhibit hall and all Training by Exhibitors (in the classroom and in the hall) for The NBM Show.

Register to Attend

March is Dip Tank Month

Delano, February 11, 2014 — Easiway will be promoting the 2nd annual Dip Tank Month during March 2014. Start saving money on chemicals and labor in March and join the thousands of existing users!

This year 2 lucky printers will win a complete dip tank start up package during The Easiway March Dip Tank Package sweepstakes (running March 1-31)! Simply visit and fill out your survey to enter.

In addition, keep an eye out for specials and promotions on dip tanks and packages offered by Easiway Systems and your nearest Easiway distributor. To find your nearest distributor visit

The Easiway Dip Tank System is designed to save you time and money without the mess of traditional reclaiming methods, without hazards and without toxicity. This system will make your screen fabric look like new for only pennies per screen. Easiway’s Dip Tank solutions are drain safe and can be used to clean hundreds of screens without being replenished. Unlike other dip tank systems; this system suspends and traps solids. You will not generate sludge in the tank if used properly.


Sara Broghamer

Easiway Systems, Inc.


@easiwaysystems on Twitter

@easiway on Instagram

John Speaks Again

Have you received your Specialist Printing Worldwide 2014 Issue 1? If not, you might want to grab a copy. Easiway’s John Schluter provides some realistic advice on reducing your reclaiming expenditures!

Easiway Invites You to…

visit Easiway Systems at the Imprinted Sportswear Show in Atlantic City. Easiway will be exhibiting in booth #510 Friday, March 14-Sunday, March 16th. The show floor opens each day at 10:00 am.

The ISS Atlantic City show features an expo show floor with over 200 exhibitors in the decorated apparel industry. This is the biggest show dedicated to the decorated apparel industry on the east coast for screen printing.

This year Easiway will be featuring live demonstrations of the ‘Original’ dip tank method of screen reclaiming. This unique, ready to use product dissolves ink, emulsion and block out in one easy step. Let us show you how to streamline your screen reclaiming with the safest and most economical products in the marketplace. Don’t forget March is National Dip Tank Month.

Here are a few of the reasons why you should attend:

See live demos in Easiway’s booth #510

Timely and relevant topics

Proven business strategies

Cutting-edge techniques

Expert instruction

Do business and have fun

Mark your calendars and register here today!

When in Atlantic City we recommend the world famous White House Sub Shop located at the corners of Arctic Avenue & Mississippi  for a sub you will never forget.  If you are feeding a group we always like Carmine’s located in the The Quarter at the Tropicana Hotel.  The classic southern Italian dishes are huge and is plenty for 2-3 people per dish.

Stop by and see us in booth #510!

6th Annual T&J Open House 2014

Date:            Saturday, March 22nd, 2014

Location:      T & J Printing Supply, Inc.
11461 Allison Court, Unit #7
Huntley, IL 60142

Time:            9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Open House Schedule

  • 9:00 AM Registration
    Continental breakfast will be served
  • 10:00 AM Simulated Process Seminar
  • 11:45 AM Lunch
  • 1:00 PM Four Color Process Seminar
  • Guest Speaker Charlie Taublieb

There will be door prizes!! Enter our door prize drawing for a chance to WIN many amazing door prizes including an M&R Kruzer Manual Press!!!

Make sure you mark your calendars for Saturday March 22! Come see our new facility next door to where we were before!

All Day demonstrations of the M&R I-Image STE, Specialty Materials Heat Applied Films, FDC Graphic Films, Mimaki Printer/ Cutters and don’t miss this years seminar with guest speaker Charlie Taublieb.

Enter for a Chance to Win Many Exciting Door Prizes!

One Grand Prize Drawing

NEW M&R Kruzer Manual Screen Printing Press! A $3,160.00 Value!

All attendees will be given a ticket which will automatically enroll them into the drawing being held at T&J the day of the open house. Must Be Present To Win!!

Please register here.

Graphic Solutions Group Open House


Graphic Solutions Group
1293 North Post Oak Rd. #190
Houston, TX, 77055
United States

A vendor showcase, equipment demos and giveaways are planned for the Graphic Solutions Group (GSG) Open House scheduled for Thursday, Feb. 13 at the company’s Houston location. Stop by between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. and enjoy authentic Texas barbeque and see newest technology and products available to ensure your shop is the most efficient, productive, and profitable it can be. The Houston facility is located at 1293 North Post Oak Road, #190, Houston, Texas 77055. The phone number is (713) 957-0850. RSVP by sending an email to so GSG can ensure they have plenty of food for all who are coming.

Do you know your cost per screen?

Cost Per Screen

Successful manufacturing companies all have an in depth understanding of their costs. This understanding is one of the primary constituents of their success. Medical device manufacturers, automotive manufacturers, electronic device manufacturers and all others need a precise understanding and control mechanism in place on manufacturing costs. Without this understanding and control, chaos will undermine efficient production and ultimately, the product concept and manufacturing will fail. Screen printing companies are manufacturing companies and are governed by the same rules.

Successful screen printing operations do have a good understanding of the costs involved in printing. Printing equipment, artwork generation, ink , emulsion, screens and labor are generally well accounted for in good screen operations. Good managers know what it costs to generate film (or cts), what printing machine operation costs and capacities are (prints per hour, cost of maintenance), what dryer operational costs are (gas or electric), what emulsion or film costs in screen making are, and the time and cost to set up and print a job. Screen cleaning and reclaiming costs appear to be treated differently and yet, surprisingly, contribute a significant cost to most screen printing operations.

Small Screen Printing Shops

I don’t know how many thousands of small printers I have spoken to over the

years that cannot reclaim more than 4 or 5 screens in one hour, using what they think are cheap/low-cost products and methods (mineral spirits, reclaiming powder, soy or citrus cleaners, haze removers and simple degreasers).

A small manual shop (1 or 2 manual presses) producing 100 dirty screens a month (1,200 annually) accumulates an annual screen chemical cost of $1,080.00. Using a labor rate of $10.00 per hour, and a chemical cost of $.90 the total annual small manual shop’s reclaiming cost is $3,480.00.

This may not appear to be a large number, but remember, this is a small operation that would spend about $3,000.00-$4,000.00 a year on ink and possibly $1,500.00 on direct emulsion. So, relatively speaking this is a huge cost.

Medium Screen Printing Shops

Medium screen printing shops (at least 2 automatic presses) generally use screen reclaiming products that are a step up in technology when compared to a small shop.  It is common for these medium shops to use products manufactured by one or more of the recognized screen chemical companies in our industry. Theses products being used are advertised as ‘safer’, they are typically more expensive and generally have higher performance. The products are designed specifically to clean and remove textile inks and emulsions.

Labor at $10.00 per hour in a larger printing operation is more efficient than a small shop. Typically, a dedicated screen reclaimer will be capable of reclaiming 20 screens per hour. This difference is due to a more efficient work environment. Generally, the work station has an actual washout booth, typically a more powerful pressure washer and usually quality scrub pads. All of these components make the job of reclaiming the screens quicker and more thorough.

Although the chemical cost per screen is the same in a medium shop as in a small shop, the medium shop prints with a larger screen. The difference in size between the small shop’s screens (these manual screens measure 20”x22” or 440 square inches) and the medium shop’s screens (these automatic screens measure 23”x31” or 713 square inches) is 273 square inches or 38%. A medium shop is reclaiming 38% more mesh per screen than a small shop.

An average, medium shop, with 2 automatic presses will produce 30 screen to be reclaimed each day. This calculates out to be 600 screens a month and 7,500 per year.

Again, this is a large amount of cost when compared to other costs in a two automatic press operation. The $10,500.00 expense is second to ink and costs more than all other supply items.

It is interesting to note that the cost per screen is the same as the small shop but due to the increased mesh area (38%), and an upgrade to higher quality chemicals, the cost is actually reduced in the larger shop!

Large Screen Printing Shops

Large automated shops reclaim screens in a variety of methods. Many have experimented with automation over the years, to varying degrees of success. Large printers can justify the expense of automation much simpler than a small or medium size operation.

For a large shop cost example, we will describe the costs related to cleaning ink from the screens with a single stage machine, automatic screen washing machine. There are many makes and models of these machines, but the majority of them operate on a simple principle. Screens are placed in an enclosed cabinet, where a pump sprays a liquid ink cleaning solvent at the screen through a series of spray nozzles. The solution, gravity feeds back into the reservoir, where it is continuously used over and over. Every installation is different, but most shops using these machines see a consumption of 1-2 ounces of chemical solution per screen wasted due to drag out. Basically, the solution that is on the mesh and frame is carried away with the screen when it is removed from the machine. The other chemical consumption with this process is the ink load, or contamination of the cleaning solution. If the screens are well scraped, or pre-cleaned before they enter the machine, the chemical will enjoy a longer life. If a large quantity of ink is left on the screen (which is the reality with many shops) when it is placed in the machine, the functional life of the solution will be short. The filtration/purification ability of these machines is generally crude and inadequate.

A large production printing facility with five or more automatics will easily produce 200 screens a day that need to be reclaimed. Reclaiming these is essentially a full time job and the likelihood that an employee in this position, in many parts of the United States,  will work for $10.00 per hour is low. For the following example we will use the fictional compensation of $12.00 per hour.

Again, $70,500.00 in relation to other supply items is large. The point of these three different screen printing shop scenarios is that in each case, the cost spent on screen reclamation is significant. In an era where health, safety, air emissions (VOCs) and effluent discharge rules and regulations are becoming more detailed and restrictive, this area of screen printing demands a professional approach. Attributes such as price per gallon, or a casual reference to soy, citrus or biodegradable may not be the best decision making criteria.

The new generation of products which are water based or water dilute-able may deserve consideration. Products which perform dual roles (for example an emulsion remover which also degreases) should be considered wherever available. Also, products like these can make a major difference in reducing costs. Any process change or product innovation that reduces the amount of chemical used, or the overall cost, is best measured in cost per screen measurements. This allows the comparison and your best option to be clear.

If every owner or screen area manager knew their exact cost of chemicals and labor per screen, decision making and evaluation of new products and processes would be dramatically simpler. This type of knowledge makes all manufacturers better and screen printing is not an exception.

Single stage machine, automatic screen washing machine

Manual screen reclaiming

SGIA Expo in Orlando this October!

Our industry’s annual trade show, Specialty Graphics & Imaging Association (SGIA) will be in Orlando this year!

Mark your calendars, if you haven’t already October 23 thru 25 at the Orange County Convention Center-South Building.

This year Easiway will be exhibiting in a 20×20 island booth, #1255! We will be one of over 500 exhibitors in the largest screen printing & digital show in North America.

If your company has any questions regarding environmental rules and requirements for screen chemicals please stop by our booth #1255.

Easiway continues to be leaders in developing better chemistry for faster, safer and more economical dip tank chemicals.

The SGIA hosts the Golden Image Awards.  Browse and view the best work of your peers.  Also the SGIA Expo will have dozens of seminars led by industry veterans & experts.  These are very informative and can be used for personnel training.  At six locations around the exhibition floor are the areas known as Zones that will have continuous demonstrations of the latest technologies, products and techniques.

The SGIA has special room offers on their site.  To plan your nightlife and food adventures try Zagat Guide.

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